Thursday, September 16, 2010

Global Personal Brand Identity Crisis – Part I: “The Best of The Clones”

Welcome friends, to  a world that's crowded with so many “clones”. A world where al-most every indi-vidual carefully, and sometimes mindlessly, “fits” in with all the others. With barely a few, if any, having the commonsence audacity and genuine innate pride, to stand up and stand out, as an “Original”. 

We go to the same "best courses and programs" on developing our competencies, and we think we have been doing the best for ourselves, in terms of personal development and professional development. Hey, we even "learnt" to dress up for success, keep up with the trends of "looking good", and fall for the "brands of products" that we were told that “without them, you’re a nobody”. We speak well, we dress well...

But don’t you ever get the feeling, that it is all a facade, an external image that we are projecting, to tell the whole world: “Hey, I am cool...I am hip...I am happening!” Don’t you sometimes wish to dress the way “you” are...speak and communicate the way “you” are. And declare: “I am MY PERSONAL BRAND.” 

Indeed, this world is full of clones. 

Are you one of these clones? Always blending in with others...think the way they think...feel the way they feel...act the way they act...Wouldn't it be really satisfying to "brand" yourself as an “Original”…to express yourself exactly the way you think and feel...without having to worry whether others will accept you the way you are? 

Or, would you rather continue to be "one of the clones". At worst, how unpleasurable it is to be "one of the crowd". At best, you will be "recognised" as “The Best of The Clones". 

Don't you sometimes want to shout out loud to the world: "I Want To Brand be the Person that I want to be be truly OUTSTANDING….for who I REALLY am.”

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