Friday, September 17, 2010

Global Personal Brand Identity Crisis – Part II: “The Chameleon Dancer”

In the midst of the many Personal Brand "Clones", is a very prominent "colorful" brand persona. Ever-changing to blend in with the environ-ment or circumstan-ces. Going with the flow, staying with the drift. Always right on target with the mood and tone of every conversation. Ever-changing, never staying the same. Different colors for different settings. 

So, let the music roll...Is it a salsa? Or, a rumba? Or, even a waltz? No problem. This effervescent Personal Brand can easily tango along. For this Personal Brand goes by the moniker of "The Chameleon Dancer". Ever-changing to suit the tune of the environment or circumstances. 

For his own "protection", The Chameleon has already figured out sometime ago, not to rock the boat...not to stand out...He says self-assuredly, in his heart: "If I want to stay popular with others, I must blend." So, he has mastered the self-defeating art of dancing to the tune...whatever tune others choose to play...he shall dance along. With finesse. So, here is a brand persona, who is "popular" with the others, because he can be very nice, very accommodating. But, NO ONE takes him seriously.

You see, The Chameleon has a wide range of performance repertoire, to please the audience, wherever he chances upon, however different they are. He says to himself: "It is not my style to stay by one set of Personal Brand Values and Personality Traits. I would like to, but I don't feel secure, exposing myself..." And so, The Chameleon masterfully carries with him, a few sets of Personal Brand Values and Personality Traits. And very slickly, he can just blend with the environment of people, with the "appropriate" set of Personal Brand Values and Personality Traits. Oh yes, indeed, the Chameleon is a "colorful" brand persona.  He can even be in the spotlight, being a popular "one of the boys". For sure, he can be nice to have around. But NO ONE takes him seriously

Now, how about you? 

Before the curtains rise for the next performance...what would you prefer? Being in the mould of The Chameleon ("nice fella") brand persona, whom NOBODY knows what he STANDS FOR. Or, would you have the loving courage to stay by one set of Personal Brand Values and Personality Traits...and the voice-over CLEARLY announces to the audience: "Now, to inspire you... this is a truly Distinct, YoUnique Global Personal Brand..."


  1. Most of the people are natural born chameleon as we prefer to stay within our comfort zone and continue being addressed as good fella. It takes courage to step out from there and finding our unique traits and shine from there.

    Thanks for the well written article and the ending question which left me seriously considering about my personal brand.

  2. I couldn't have agreed any more than what was said, we do indeed lived with a mask on either consciously or subconsciously, often time we have been led to believe what we weren't suppose to but we have got no choice as it was enforced deep into our subconscious mind ever since young.

    Such practices has left most of the people in the society living under the condition of 'Matrix' where "Reality" vs "Fiction" has always been unknown.

    It takes strong courage for one to break away from this limbo and such transformation would led them to greater heights.

    But having said that, i do belief that under extenuating circumstances we do need to take a step back and put the mask back on and allowed others to take its' course.

    Such impactful, powerful and truthful article has left me in awe. Thank You very very much for empowering me with a story that epitomizes the true definition of life. I must say i'll be waiting impatiently for your upcoming article.

    Until then, cheers.