Monday, June 20, 2011

Global Personal Branding Is Your Life Insurance

Global Personal Branding is like Life Insurance. How much you, as an individual, consciously are willing to invest in your life, is the quantum of money you are going to put into your life insurance. This is what you consciously think you can afford. But, are you aware that, sub-consciously, your decision and action actually relates to your Self-Belief, in how much confidence you actually feel about your future.

Thus, how much "premium" you will readily set aside every month, sub-consciously relates to whether you have the Self-Belief that you can make quantum progress with an "extraordinary" Career path and Life journey, or you are headed for an "ordinary" future. Everyone on this earth, dreams of an "extraordinary" future. Don't you? Or, have you forgotten to be true to yourself, and your Heart's Desires, and given up all hope for an "extraordinary" future? 

But your sub-conscious Self does not forget, and does not let-go.  Your sub-conscious Self permanently stores all your dreams and desires for an "extraordinary" future. 

Now, listen to your sub-conscious Self again.Take a minute. Take your time. It is that important. For it is your greatest Moment of Truth...Now that you are fully in touch (again) with your dreams for an "extraordinary" much do you think and feel your life is worth? Hold on to your dreams. Your future is in your hands. How "extraordinary" or "ordinary" will your future be, is in your own creation. So, how much of Life Insurance will you put on your Life? Your life worth is what you continually invest into your life, for the whole journey of your life. 

And Global Personal Branding is not only the key investment that would increase your life worthGlobal Personal Branding is the foundation of your existence, and your tool to shape your life direction, in line with your life purpose and life goals. But for Global Personal Branding to be meaningful, you cannot continue to be "ordinary" (just like others). You will need to be "extraordinary" in your persona and expertise. 

You will need a Distinct Global Personal BrandStanding out as a Distinctive Global Personal Brand, with a YoUnique Global Personal Brand Positioning, is your first crucial step to an "extraordinary" future. 

By today's global standards of competition, unless you put in a concerted effort to make yourself shine like a beacon, with a Distinctive Global Personal Brand, you would be lost in a vast ocean of ordinariness. You have to be branding yourself everyday as part of a strategic Life Journey of making your Distinct Global Personal Brand Presence felt, in a likeable manner...and staying relevant to other people's lives, via your loving, compassionate ability to fulfil their emotional and psychosocial concerns and desires. 

And in the process, they will have a strong, favorable Brand Affinity with your Distinct Global Personal Brand: YoUnique. Likeable. Relevant

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