Monday, June 20, 2011

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 2

Focus on emotional bonding. To optimize the possibility of crafting an outstanding and relevant Global Personal Brand Positioning, in your target audience's minds and hearts, that appeals to their innermost needs, wants and desires, it is of course useful to identify a Personal Brand Niche. This will enhance your differentiator. However, it is best to go beyond merely differentiating via functional or utilitarian USPs. With ever-advancing knowledge and technology, these are easily copyable.

It is smarter to "humanize" your Personal Brand. And the best way, is to focus on addressing the emotional and psychosocial needs and concerns of people. Look no further than your personal essence (what you are truly about, and what you passionately stand for), core values, and personality. Merging this "humanized" factor with your competencies and Personal Brand Niche, will provide you with a more attracting Personal Brand Positioning, to help you generate long-range Personal Brand Affinity with people, notably your target audience. 

Do remember, a "functional and utilitarian person" will come and go...but a "Distinct Personal Brand that warmly and passionately engages people, via addressing their emotional and psychosocial needs and concerns", inherits the possibility of staying forever, in people's minds and hearts.

So, identify your "emotional connectors", aspects of your Personal Brand that are uniquely "You". Spend time and energy, on building and nurturing your "emotional connectors"...and you will find that your power of attraction will grow exponentially. People will be inclined to want to "match" your Personal Brand Personality...with even many desiring to aspire to be your Distinct Global Personal Brand.

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