Monday, June 20, 2011

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 4

Do you have to change Your Personal Brand many times, over the years? To address this significant question in a way that we can eventually find inner peace and happiness along the journey of Life, we should go right back to the very fundamental motivation for why progressive-thinking individuals painstakingly craft a Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning.

Brand Positioning not only helps an individual to ingeniously occupy a "niche" space in people's minds and hearts, so that the individual can be truly outstanding and relevant to people's lives. It also, more importantly answers Life's most significant question: What is your overarching Life Vision?

Individuals who constantly, every few years, need to re-look at their "Personal Brands" have obviously not fully grasped the very essence of crafting a Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning. This also includes those people who are stuck at "crossroads", when there is a change of professional pursuits, or "change in fortunes" (upside or downside).

Incidentally, changes in "taglines" or "personal slogans" do not necessarily mean there is a change in personal brands, as long as the tagline or personal slogans emanate from a same decided Personal Brand Positioning.

Many individuals have issues or conflicts with their so-called "personal brand identity" because they tend to take the myopic view, of working out a "brand positioning" that is specific to a certain profession, or worse still, a specific job. Which explains why, when there is a change of profession, or even a change of job, they find themselves without a "personal brand". This is rather hilarious, really. 

To avoid such "personal brand" mishaps and culture shocks, stop having different "visions" or "positionings" for different facets of your Life, such as one for a specific profession/job, another one for Life in general, yet another one for spiritual practice, and so forth.

What about you? Do you embrace a long-range "personal brand" based on a long-range "brand positioning"? Or, do you take the short-term, multi-faceted approach? And why?

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