Monday, June 20, 2011

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 3

Deepen Your Personal Brand Affinity with the World. It is a known fact that one cannot Self-Actualize by oneself. The realizing of one's full diversified potential has to be Self Transcendental. Thus it is not only commonsense, but natural that humans are meant to engage other people, to provide added-value to enrich or inspire people's lives.

One can serve and should serve beyond just the professional and business realms. You can satisfyingly deepen your Personal Brand Affinity with the world in general, and with your target audience particularly, via identifying shared ideals or, social or community values...such as "freedom", "education", "self esteem" and so forth.

Of course, your professed "love for a social cause", based fundamentally on whatever shared ideals or values, must be congruent with your core values and beliefs. Social causes should not be turned into PR and publicity tools to falsibly build your Personal Brand Reputation.

The ideals or social community values that you choose to promote, should actually be an integral part of what you are truly about, and what you passionately stand for. These contribute towards the essential personalized "emotional connectors" that you can merge into your deliberate strategizing of a Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning. "Living Your Distinct Global Personal Brand" as such, will not only define your Personal Brand Integrity.

Your charity, TRULY representational of your Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning, will inevitably be heartfelt inspiration, not only to your target audience... but also to the whole world.

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