Monday, June 20, 2011

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 1

Why the Critical Need for Global Personal Brand Positioning? First of all, what is the saving grace for taking the time and effort to craft a well-thought-out, emotive "Global Personal Brand Positioning"? You will be able to enjoy "top-of-mind" recall by people, and will also feature strongly and constantly in people's "brands consideration set", when it comes to choosing a specific expertise. To top it all, you can elevate your Personal Brand, to be the "point-of-reference" or even the "standard-bearer" for your field, whether in the corporate or social or community realms. You can be viewed and highly regarded as the "extraordinary" beacon of light, in the vast ocean of "ordinariness".

Life is all about Perception, with no one single Reality. You will have to guide and manage people's individualized perceptions, based on their values and beliefs system and personality. How your personal brand is perceived by other people, depends very much on how sloppily or elegantly you craft your brand positioning.

Brand Positioning is not about what you do to your Personal Brand. It is about how you strategically desire to position your Personal Brand in the minds and hearts of people. You will want to occupy a space that is not occupied before. You do not wish to be placed as "one of the crowd". You will ingeniously take up a position that makes you "outstanding"...with a unique "promise of adding value", to uplift and inspire the lives of your target audiences.

In this steeply competitive globalised economy, with relatively easy access to knowledge and technology, it takes much more for an individual to really DISTINCTLY stand out from the make a significant impression. Merely trumpeting your competence will not get you into people's minds and hearts. You will need to go beyond addressing functional or utilitarian needs or concerns.

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