Monday, June 20, 2011

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 5

Drive Your Career with a Long-Range Life Purpose. With exponentially advancing technology and people's evolving expectations pointing to new "ways of life", one may find it useful to revitalize or refresh, or even "reinvent" one's "personal brand".

An individual hardly needs to "change personal brands". Unless, he has made any one, or a combination of these four cardinal mistakes: 

(1) Hooking on a specific technology-edge as a USP, that over time has been superceded, or worse, has been made obsolete. 

(2) Creating a "brand positioning" that is centred on a specific profession or job. 

(3) Never knowing the real essence of what "brand positioning" means, and how to go about crafting a "Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning" (that focuses on addressing emotional and psychosocial concerns). 

(4) Having different sets of vision, and values for different facets of one's Life.

Properly strategized "Personal Brand Positionings" can last many years, and even a lifetime, if only the individual has a good grounding, on what are the key factors that can give "longevity" to a "Personal Brand Positioning".

We shall take you through those key factors, in the further parts of this 15-Part Series on developing a "Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning".

As a meaningful and significant starting point, for a "Personal Brand Positioning" to enjoy many years of "longevity", two critical routes should be adopted: 

(i) Start with a Life Vision and Life Purpose. 

(ii) Maintain only ONE Overarching Life Vision and set of Values and Personality, and a genuine Social Cause arising from "ideals" or social community values that you passionately "live" them.

This means, a "personal brand" should not just equate your current profession or job.

Are you currently driven by a Life Vision and Life Purpose?

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 4

Do you have to change Your Personal Brand many times, over the years? To address this significant question in a way that we can eventually find inner peace and happiness along the journey of Life, we should go right back to the very fundamental motivation for why progressive-thinking individuals painstakingly craft a Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning.

Brand Positioning not only helps an individual to ingeniously occupy a "niche" space in people's minds and hearts, so that the individual can be truly outstanding and relevant to people's lives. It also, more importantly answers Life's most significant question: What is your overarching Life Vision?

Individuals who constantly, every few years, need to re-look at their "Personal Brands" have obviously not fully grasped the very essence of crafting a Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning. This also includes those people who are stuck at "crossroads", when there is a change of professional pursuits, or "change in fortunes" (upside or downside).

Incidentally, changes in "taglines" or "personal slogans" do not necessarily mean there is a change in personal brands, as long as the tagline or personal slogans emanate from a same decided Personal Brand Positioning.

Many individuals have issues or conflicts with their so-called "personal brand identity" because they tend to take the myopic view, of working out a "brand positioning" that is specific to a certain profession, or worse still, a specific job. Which explains why, when there is a change of profession, or even a change of job, they find themselves without a "personal brand". This is rather hilarious, really. 

To avoid such "personal brand" mishaps and culture shocks, stop having different "visions" or "positionings" for different facets of your Life, such as one for a specific profession/job, another one for Life in general, yet another one for spiritual practice, and so forth.

What about you? Do you embrace a long-range "personal brand" based on a long-range "brand positioning"? Or, do you take the short-term, multi-faceted approach? And why?

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 3

Deepen Your Personal Brand Affinity with the World. It is a known fact that one cannot Self-Actualize by oneself. The realizing of one's full diversified potential has to be Self Transcendental. Thus it is not only commonsense, but natural that humans are meant to engage other people, to provide added-value to enrich or inspire people's lives.

One can serve and should serve beyond just the professional and business realms. You can satisfyingly deepen your Personal Brand Affinity with the world in general, and with your target audience particularly, via identifying shared ideals or, social or community values...such as "freedom", "education", "self esteem" and so forth.

Of course, your professed "love for a social cause", based fundamentally on whatever shared ideals or values, must be congruent with your core values and beliefs. Social causes should not be turned into PR and publicity tools to falsibly build your Personal Brand Reputation.

The ideals or social community values that you choose to promote, should actually be an integral part of what you are truly about, and what you passionately stand for. These contribute towards the essential personalized "emotional connectors" that you can merge into your deliberate strategizing of a Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning. "Living Your Distinct Global Personal Brand" as such, will not only define your Personal Brand Integrity.

Your charity, TRULY representational of your Distinct Global Personal Brand Positioning, will inevitably be heartfelt inspiration, not only to your target audience... but also to the whole world.

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 2

Focus on emotional bonding. To optimize the possibility of crafting an outstanding and relevant Global Personal Brand Positioning, in your target audience's minds and hearts, that appeals to their innermost needs, wants and desires, it is of course useful to identify a Personal Brand Niche. This will enhance your differentiator. However, it is best to go beyond merely differentiating via functional or utilitarian USPs. With ever-advancing knowledge and technology, these are easily copyable.

It is smarter to "humanize" your Personal Brand. And the best way, is to focus on addressing the emotional and psychosocial needs and concerns of people. Look no further than your personal essence (what you are truly about, and what you passionately stand for), core values, and personality. Merging this "humanized" factor with your competencies and Personal Brand Niche, will provide you with a more attracting Personal Brand Positioning, to help you generate long-range Personal Brand Affinity with people, notably your target audience. 

Do remember, a "functional and utilitarian person" will come and go...but a "Distinct Personal Brand that warmly and passionately engages people, via addressing their emotional and psychosocial needs and concerns", inherits the possibility of staying forever, in people's minds and hearts.

So, identify your "emotional connectors", aspects of your Personal Brand that are uniquely "You". Spend time and energy, on building and nurturing your "emotional connectors"...and you will find that your power of attraction will grow exponentially. People will be inclined to want to "match" your Personal Brand Personality...with even many desiring to aspire to be your Distinct Global Personal Brand.

How To Transform Into A Distinct Global Personal Brand - Part 1

Why the paramount need for a Distinct Global Personal Brand. Have you ever wondered, why there are so few Distinct Global Personal Brands in this world? First of all, how are "Distinct Global Personal Brands" different from the ordinary? These are individuals who consistently radiate a certain aura. Charismatic with a strong, unique and favourable identity. 

You know crystal-clear what the person is all about, and what the person stands for. He acts in a consistent manner all the time. Which is unlike the majority of people who at worst, are ever-changing "chameleons", or at best, are "fragmented personal brands" (carrying different sets of identities), or "ambiguous personal brands".

Like it or not, consciously or unconsciously, everyone on this planet is already a "personal brand". So, why again, are there so few Distinct Global Personal Brands? The answer is plainly simple: Most of us are constantly sending out "mixed" messages of ourselves. 

The majority of people, including the so-called most successful and wealthy ones, do not maintain a clear single-minded "personal brand identity". Sending out "mixed" messages in the process of daily life, these individuals  create varying "personal brand experiences" for the people that they encounter.  

The varying "personal brand experiences" cause people to form very differing, sometimes even conflicting perceptions of these individuals. And that is the stark reason why there are so few Distinct Global Personal Brands in this world.

How does a Distinct Global Personal Brand show up? When you have clarity of your personal brand identity (not what you do, but what you are all about, and what you truly stand for), and have full conviction of your personal brand identity, you will naturally show consistency in communicating yourself (visually, verbally and character-wise). 

Are you already a Distinct Global Personal Brand? Where do you stand, and why? 

Brand Positioning Your Life And Career - Part 1

Why the Critical Need for Global Personal Brand Positioning? First of all, what is the saving grace for taking the time and effort to craft a well-thought-out, emotive "Global Personal Brand Positioning"? You will be able to enjoy "top-of-mind" recall by people, and will also feature strongly and constantly in people's "brands consideration set", when it comes to choosing a specific expertise. To top it all, you can elevate your Personal Brand, to be the "point-of-reference" or even the "standard-bearer" for your field, whether in the corporate or social or community realms. You can be viewed and highly regarded as the "extraordinary" beacon of light, in the vast ocean of "ordinariness".

Life is all about Perception, with no one single Reality. You will have to guide and manage people's individualized perceptions, based on their values and beliefs system and personality. How your personal brand is perceived by other people, depends very much on how sloppily or elegantly you craft your brand positioning.

Brand Positioning is not about what you do to your Personal Brand. It is about how you strategically desire to position your Personal Brand in the minds and hearts of people. You will want to occupy a space that is not occupied before. You do not wish to be placed as "one of the crowd". You will ingeniously take up a position that makes you "outstanding"...with a unique "promise of adding value", to uplift and inspire the lives of your target audiences.

In this steeply competitive globalised economy, with relatively easy access to knowledge and technology, it takes much more for an individual to really DISTINCTLY stand out from the make a significant impression. Merely trumpeting your competence will not get you into people's minds and hearts. You will need to go beyond addressing functional or utilitarian needs or concerns.

Living The Intrinsic Life ~ Part 1

              Welcome home to Your Real Self. 
The place where you are who you really are.
Without the need for validation of others. 
Without any pretensions to be...
who you are not. 
You stand out from the others, 
by just BEING Your Real Self.

Global Personal Branding Is Your Life Insurance

Global Personal Branding is like Life Insurance. How much you, as an individual, consciously are willing to invest in your life, is the quantum of money you are going to put into your life insurance. This is what you consciously think you can afford. But, are you aware that, sub-consciously, your decision and action actually relates to your Self-Belief, in how much confidence you actually feel about your future.

Thus, how much "premium" you will readily set aside every month, sub-consciously relates to whether you have the Self-Belief that you can make quantum progress with an "extraordinary" Career path and Life journey, or you are headed for an "ordinary" future. Everyone on this earth, dreams of an "extraordinary" future. Don't you? Or, have you forgotten to be true to yourself, and your Heart's Desires, and given up all hope for an "extraordinary" future? 

But your sub-conscious Self does not forget, and does not let-go.  Your sub-conscious Self permanently stores all your dreams and desires for an "extraordinary" future. 

Now, listen to your sub-conscious Self again.Take a minute. Take your time. It is that important. For it is your greatest Moment of Truth...Now that you are fully in touch (again) with your dreams for an "extraordinary" much do you think and feel your life is worth? Hold on to your dreams. Your future is in your hands. How "extraordinary" or "ordinary" will your future be, is in your own creation. So, how much of Life Insurance will you put on your Life? Your life worth is what you continually invest into your life, for the whole journey of your life. 

And Global Personal Branding is not only the key investment that would increase your life worthGlobal Personal Branding is the foundation of your existence, and your tool to shape your life direction, in line with your life purpose and life goals. But for Global Personal Branding to be meaningful, you cannot continue to be "ordinary" (just like others). You will need to be "extraordinary" in your persona and expertise. 

You will need a Distinct Global Personal BrandStanding out as a Distinctive Global Personal Brand, with a YoUnique Global Personal Brand Positioning, is your first crucial step to an "extraordinary" future. 

By today's global standards of competition, unless you put in a concerted effort to make yourself shine like a beacon, with a Distinctive Global Personal Brand, you would be lost in a vast ocean of ordinariness. You have to be branding yourself everyday as part of a strategic Life Journey of making your Distinct Global Personal Brand Presence felt, in a likeable manner...and staying relevant to other people's lives, via your loving, compassionate ability to fulfil their emotional and psychosocial concerns and desires. 

And in the process, they will have a strong, favorable Brand Affinity with your Distinct Global Personal Brand: YoUnique. Likeable. Relevant